What ever it is you want to do, ask us!. We specialize in Paint Parties for adults and kids, but do so much more. 

1. We have a kit club!  These kits focus on making and designing a legacy. Perserving memories that will be cherished for years to come.  Kits will start being available for first a quarterly time, then monthly. Our price starting out will be low, so get in on the ground floor to keep your price low- they will go up!  In each kit you will find 1 craft to eo/personalize. Then an item you would be proud to display in your homes, and designing tips and idea samples with a few odds and ends to make it. Don’t miss out, it is going to be fabulous!

2. Paint parties.  We do Virtural paint parties. We have kits for each party that we will mail to you before the virtural class.  Your kit will include everything you need to make the painting, including canvas, paint, brushes, paper towels, a tracer of the painting, and step by step instructions.  Can’t make it the night of the actual party? no worries, we will record it so you can com back at your leasure and finish, or even start your painting.  We have many fun designs to choose from. 


3.  A shopping store! Things offered here besides our kit club, and classes will be finished paintings- I mean some love the paintings, but don’t like to paint. We usually end up with more than 1, so we thought- hey, why not sell them!  We also have some unique things we will be making that will be in the store. Different home accent things, and fun stuff! We also have a cool assortment of Scrub caps for men and women that are all hand made. 

4.  Look for our blog to read latest inspiration or designs, as well what is up coming. So glad youv’e found us!