I teach online or in-person Paint Parties, Arts and Crafts, Home Decorating, and I also offer Subscription Art Boxes. I sell many of my designs in my store, or you can make your own in the comfort of your own home with an online tutorial.

Hi everyone!!! I am so excited to be able to share and offer all of the fun decorating ideas and designing projects that I do, as well as sharing inspirational and life-changing quotes from the Word of God on how to live a full life every day with the Master, Jesus!

I will be giving fun tips on everything I know about designing a beautiful home and life! I will be adding things on my page as I learn how to use Facebook!

Little by little it will all happen…so for now, this is some of the services I offer! I teach online or in-person paint parties, as well as online and in-person craft parties! I am currently in the process of offering Subscription Art Kits for Adults and Kids…Lots of fun. I make a variety of fun porch leaners and fun cutouts and door hangers that you can order from me…or design them alongside me as you will be able to tune in live for the online tutorials. Also, I will be setting up a store…that will be coming soon, please look for it. Thank you for liking my page as we continue this fun journey together.